Alice Springs Airport (ASP)
Car Parking

(Alice Springs, Northern Territory - NT, Australia)

The car parking available at Alice Springs Airport (ASP) operates seven days a week and provides a good mixture of both short-stay and long-stay spaces.

Rates are considered to be especially competitive and frequent fliers often choose to purchase annual parking permits.

Those who are simply dropping-off passengers at Alice Springs Airport are able to drive up and park directly outside of the ASP Terminal building, although the time limit here is restricted to no more than three-minutes. Drivers parking in this area must not leave the vehicle unattended.


Tel: +61 (0)8 8951 1227
Short-term parking at Alice Springs Airport (ASP) is located outside of the terminal, with the minimum charge being for a 30-minute period. Drivers should purchase 'pay and display' tickets upon entry to this car park, leaving them clearly on show on the car's dashboard.


Tel: +61 (0)8 8951 1227
Long-term car parking is to be found on the eastern side of Alice Springs Airport's terminal and close to the roundabout. Tickets are dispensed at the entrance gate, with payment being required upon your return, at one of the designated pay stations. During peak periods, such as Easter, Christmas and the New Year, an alternative secure overflow car park is often in operation.

Alice Springs Airport ASP

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